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I have dedicated my life to daily progression in search of becoming the best version of myself. This journey has taken me from the highest off highs to the lowest of lows and its something I'm committed to for the rest of my life. I am fulfilled and grateful for taking this path and I want to share the wisdom I have acquired that helped me through my darkest struggles and guide me when I feel momentum in life. My goal is to prove to you that you are capable of anything and that its your mission to be the change you wish to see in the world. 


Growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah I learned a lot from my parents. They  always taught us hard work and be of service to others. My parents worked so hard to build their company and raise my siblings and I the best they could. Action sports were a big part of my childhood and I attribute everything I do today to the work ethic, inspiration, and support I got from my Mother and Father.  


We started riding dirt bikes and mountain bikes very young and this was the outlet that my family adopted when we weren't in school or working during the week. 



My siblings are Tanner, Kelsea, and Preston. We grew up together learning from our Parents, Scott and Stacie. Our family was very competitive and supportive in 



Growing up I always looked up to my older brother Tanner. He taught me how to remain positive challenging situations and always preserve when things get hard. Im grateful that I have had a role model in my life that has showed me the power and potential of believing in yourself. 




Thanksgiving of 2007 was when my life changed forever. We were racing motorcycles which was a family tradition for many years! One this thanksgiving race day my Dad broke his back and 24 hrs later the same exact spot on the motorcycle track my brother broke his too and the broke it same spot of the spine it was T-6 and T-7. My older brother Tanner was announced paralyzed from the chest down. My Dad luckily had a full recovery.

I was 13 years old and I stopped everything. Dropped out of school for 3 months to help my brother and be there for him with anything he needed. It really put life into perspective for me like what can happen and seeing it first hand. We stopped action sports for awhile. Tanner was a person that thrived for motorcycle racing and wanted to go pro. Then to have it completely taken away from him was so heartbreaking. He’s a warrior of positivity with not a 100% recovery he is able to walk with cans with a limp. He didn’t let this injury stop him he later on was sent long distance records with the longest UTV jump of 247ft while driving with a stick and one hand on the wheel.



During this 3 months in 2007 of helping Tanner I got lazy and Fat. I Stayed inside and lost all confidence in myself. Depression really took over for me. We stopped racing and pushing ourselves. 



Wrestling became my outlet.  Wrestling taught me the results of hardworking and no excuses. In my high school career I was not the best wrestler but I was never pinned and was able to win a State Championship my senior year.

In Wrestling....It’s only you vs your opponent! If you lose you lose by yourself and if you win you win by yourself. I couldn’t blame anyone and it was totally up to me! 

I recommend to any younger kids to do things that are hard. Wrestling paved the way for the life I live and I’m truly grateful for those lessons.  The pain I endured made me realize I can do anything in this life! 


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I knew that I had to step up and take responsibility for my life. Through hardwork, I knew that I could achieve whatever I needed to in order to reach my goals. With pain and gratitude as my fuel I set my eyes on the next chapter. 



In 2014 I landed the first Triple flip on a mountain Bike. This feat helped me unlock a new mindset that proved if you are determined and put together a plan you can achieve whatever you set out to undertake.  Nitro Circus and the World games were the arenas where I was able to cut my teeth and learn from some of the best athletes in the world.




In 2017, I was involved in a bad car accident. The crash happened at high speed and I walked away with a pretty bad head injury. The crash and ensuing injuries set me back and I once again fell into another season of darkness. 


"Reflecting on a time in my life that nearly marked the end of my journey, I recall my darker days vividly. I transitioned from the so-called “Rockstar Lifestyle” – traveling the world with the Nitro Circus Live Tour, performing in sold-out shows, and reveling in post-show parties – to a place where motivating myself became a daily struggle. From feeling on top of the world, convinced that life could never change, I descended into crippling sciatic nerve pain, experiencing levels of 8-9 daily in both legs. Numerous brain injuries left me lost and directionless, with a lowered head, resisting the allure of pills that could numb my soul and alcohol that could mask my true emotions. I stumbled down a rocky path, hitting rock bottom, where I saw no light at the end of the tunnel. Contemplating life, I found a renewed purpose. I questioned: if I could harbor such negativity, what could change if I lived my life with a purpose to help others? I decided to share the light of my darker days, to demonstrate that life is worth living, and to assist those struggling as I once did."


I realized their was a reason I’m suppose to be here. My purpose is to share my light, cause at a time my light was almost non existent. I believe every moment and everyday is a choice to control our emotions with what we can do. A choice to be better or be lazy.  Its all a choice and you determine the future. Take action. 


I firmly believe that every moment offers us a choice to steer our emotions and actions, to strive for improvement or yield to inertia. I am committed to embracing any pain I encounter and maximizing every moment, for being alive is a precious gift that I intend to honor. Ultimately, the choices we make shape our future. Again, It’s in your hands – take action.




Navigating a career in action sports might bring exhilaration, but it rarely promises a secure future, especially when injury forces a reevaluation of lifestyle. Living paycheck to paycheck was a reality I knew all too well, prompting me to explore avenues that offered both creative fulfillment and financial stability. This exploration led me to the dynamic world of Real Estate – a realm rich with opportunities and potential for crafting unique deals. Here, I found my passion, recognizing the myriad ways one can shape transactions, whether buying, selling, or building equity through enhancements.

Much like envisioning and executing new tricks in action sports, Real Estate demands foresight, creativity, and a nuanced understanding of when to press forward or walk away. I've embraced this shift with the same dedication and individuality required to ride a bike in the action sports arena – after all, the ride is solely yours to navigate.

Real Estate has fostered my growth, expanded my learning, and provided a path to a stable yet exciting financial future. Every deal is a step forward, every challenge a chance to innovate, mirroring the thrill and strategy of action sports, yet promising a more secure tomorrow.


In the summer of 2023, I decided to reach out to a role model that I admired for years. A man who decided to take the pain and adversity he faced in life and harness it for self mastery and servitude. After learning from Wes, I understood that I wanted to emulate him and serve those around me. Im grateful for the lessons and perspective that Wes Shared with me. Showing up and being the most capable man in the room for my people is truly what fulfills me. Im grateful for the time and insight that Wes afforded me and I wish to have the impact he has had as I continue on this journey. 



RAIN_011 2_edited.jpg

My purpose is to help others through the trials and struggles they face. We all have a story and my mission is to help you start a new chapter. Through sharing my ups and downs I hope to inspire you and forge an enduring mindset that you can adopt and succeed with. Life does not get easier but it gets better. We just have to show up everyday for our families, friends, and communities. We are the change we wish to see in the world. Thank You.

- Gavin Godfrey

Godfrey Mindset

Be the Change.

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